Nine Must-Pack Items for GSX 2019

There’s nothing worse than realizing you forgot to pack something after you leave for a trip. So, with just nine days left before Global Security Exchange (GSX) kicks off in Chicago, here are nine things you can’t forget to pack!

1. Comfortable Shoes (and Backup Shoes)

While you’re planning to look your best, especially if you’re a first timer to GSX, you may be thinking of bringing your heels or dress shoes. Save those for dinner, and instead, opt for shoes you are comfortable standing and walking around in for long periods of time while you’re in the exhibit hall!

2. Plenty of Business Cards

Our members love to rave about GSX, and how happy it makes them to network with new business contacts onsite. Just when you think you have enough stacks of cards, grab one more box. You will be covered in case you misplace some or in case the perfect lead requests a full deck to pass out to other interested parties.

3. Notepad and Pen

While you’re attending one, or many of our education sessions, or listening to a keynote speaker, be prepared to take important notes with a notepad and pen. This many seem a little “old fashioned”, but it will help save your phone battery in the long run.

4.Portable Charger

Speaking of saving your phone battery, a portable charger is great when you’re in a pinch, and don’t have time to make it back to your hotel for a charge up. Having a portable charger will help you spend more valuable time with your peers and give you ease of mind.

5. Travel Water Bottle

A trade show is like a marathon. Amidst the churning crowds, you must pace yourself, maintain eyes on the prize, and, most importantly, keep hydrated. Drinking plenty of water will help you stay alert and awake, especially if you’re planning to participate in the ASIS Foundation Sharpshooter Competition!

6. 80’s Attire

Before you pack anything else, make sure you are prepared for the President’s Reception with your 80’s attire! So, don’t forget your hairspray, leg warmers, and crazy 80’s prints!

7. Hand Sanitizer

While you’re handing out your business cards and mingling with other fellow security professionals, protect yourself from germs and feel refreshed by bringing a travel-sized hand sanitizer. These are easy to find in any convenience store!

8. Breath Mints

After your first, second, or even third coffee of the day, you might start to suffer from that dreaded coffee breath. Keep a pack of mints or gum on hand so you’re prepared to make your best impression.

9. Snacks

Snacks, because, well…who doesn’t love snacks? Keep your energy up, whether you’re in an education session, listening to a keynote, or just need a little something to munch on. Granola bars or trail mix (with extra M&M’s) are both great and portable options.