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What is GSX+?

GSX+ is a fully virtual experience that includes CPE-eligible education sessions, a robust Marketplace (virtual exhibit hall), and peer-to-peer networking. View the GSX+ Schedule At-a-Glance.

I already registered to attend GSX 2020 in Atlanta. Am I automatically registered for GSX+? Can I get a refund if I’m not interested in GSX+?

All individuals who have already registered for GSX 2020 in Atlanta will be contacted by MCI USA, the official registration provider for GSX. You will have three options:

  • Rollover to GSX+ and receive the balance of your original GSX registration fee refunded
  • Rollover to GSX 2021
  • Cancel your registration and get a full refund

Please note that refunds may take up to 45 days.

Where can I view the GSX+ education lineup?

GSX+ education sessions are listed at GSX.org/sessions. The lineup includes more than 100 scheduled and on-demand sessions across five tracks: National Security, Physical and Operational Security, Risk Management, Digital Transformation/Information Security, and Leadership and Managing within Organizations. All-Access attendees can earn up to 25 CPEs and will be able to access education sessions through 31 December.

How many CPEs are available for attending GSX+ content?

  • All-Access Pass: 25 CPEs (includes sessions, Marketplace, and on-demand recordings)
  • One-Day Pass: 5 CPEs per day (sessions and Marketplace)
  • Marketplace: 5 CPEs
  • Exhibitors: 3 CPEs for entire experience

How much does it cost to attend GSX+?

There are several ways to participate in GSX+ with an All-Access Pass, One Day Pass, or Marketplace-Only Pass. View GSX+ Registration Packages.

GSX+ plays a vital role in supporting year-round membership programming in the areas of learning, certification, standards and guidelines as well as other member-related services and resources unique to the security profession, like the ASIS Connects platform and award-winning Security Management magazine.

Unlike in a live event, where an attendee could only be able to attend one session at a time, with every session being recorded and available on-demand, attendees could literally consume every session offered at GSX+ through the end of 2020; and, with 25 CPEs available, we are making it easier than ever for our members/attendees to access the highest quality educational offerings on a global scale.

In addition, ASIS continues to make investments in systems and platforms affording our members access to learning resources 24/7/365 year round. New technologies allow GSX+ participants enriched learning and networking opportunities in a unique environment; making GSX+ an experience and not just an event. In turn, these new technologies and tools take a significant investment.

As part of our continued support for the security profession, for those with limited budgets that would like to participate, we are now offering another way to participate in GSX+, and receive access to CPEs. Members may do this by using the promotional code: STRONGER. This allows members to receive a Marketplace Only Pass, which includes access to 5 CPEs, Braindates, X Learning, and the ASIS Hub for all five days.

Look for special promotions leading up to GSX+ (e.g., early bird special running in July for $75 off an All-Access GSX+ registration, future emerging market member promotions, etc.).

For additional questions, please contact ASIS member services at [email protected].

How do I register to attend GSX+?

Click here to register!

Can nonmembers attend?

Yes, nonmembers are welcome to attend GSX+ at the nonmember rate.

Are GSX+ education sessions recorded? How long will I have access to view the content?

In addition to all of the on-demand content, live sessions will be recorded and available to All-Access registrants through 31 December 2020.

Will there be fewer education sessions offered during GSX+?

No. Between the live streamed and on-demand sessions offered, GSX+ attendees will have access to a similar number of sessions as they would during a live event. In fact, unlike our live event, since GSX+ live sessions will be recorded and accessible through 31 December 2020, GSX+ All-Access attendees will be able to view every session available.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has altered how we earn CPEs, attending ASIS’s reimagined GSX+ will help you maintain your certification even if you’re still sheltering in place! Attending the virtual event can earn you as much as 25 CPEs toward your recertification requirements.

How do I access GSX+?

One week prior to GSX+, registrants will receive their login credentials via email. ASIS will be conducting a series of webinars that week in order to demonstrate the platform and its components and navigation. The GSX+ site will be open on Friday 18 September for attendees to login and familiarize themselves with the site. The conference will officially open at 8:00 am ET on Monday 21 September.

My timezone makes it difficult for me to attend events during U.S. business hours. How can I participate in GSX+?

GSX+ will be accessible 24 hours a day. Live content will be recorded and is available on-demand shortly after the content airs.

I look forward to networking with my global security peers at GSX every year. How will GSX+ support this activity?

The GSX+ platform will allow participants to network with peers through one-on-one meetings, small group discussions, and larger networking events. Look for tutorials on using the platform to be shared closer to the event.

I look forward to experiencing new security technologies at GSX every year. How will GSX+ support this activity?

GSX+ will continue to showcase the latest security technologies. Attendees can engage companies directly and request private meetings or product demos, watch on-demand or attend live scheduled product demos and tech talks, and participate in the Innovative Product Awards (IPAs) new Launch Pad event.

I booked hotel and airfare to attend GSX 2020 in Atlanta. Will ASIS International reimburse me for these purchases?

If you booked your hotel room through MCI USA, the official housing and registration company of GSX, your hotel reservation will be cancelled automatically by MCI and any deposits paid will be reimbursed within 90 business days. If you did not book through MCI, please contact your hotel directly to cancel your reservation.

Please contact your airline directly to cancel your reservation. Although ASIS International cannot reimburse for airfare purchases, you will find that almost all carriers have a liberal refund or rebooking policy due to COVID-19.

I planned to attend one of the Certification Review pre-conference programs historically scheduled around GSX. Is there an opportunity for me to still participate in one of these programs?

While we will not be offering two-day in-person Certification Review programs in Atlanta this September, ASIS will offer 6-8 week long Virtual Study Groups (length depends on Certification) beginning in October.

Will GSX+ have a Military & Law Enforcement Appreciation Day?

Yes, we are planning to recognize our Military and Law Enforcement colleagues on Wednesday 23 September, including a complimentary one-day registration for those individuals.

Does GSX+ have a dress code?

GSX+ is an interactive event offering some opportunities for live video engagement with peers. There is no dress code, but participants should plan to dress accordingly and be prepared to interact on camera.

What is the GSX+ cancellation policy?

All cancellation requests must be made in writing and submitted to GSX+ 2020 Registration, 888.887.8072, +1.972.349.7452, or [email protected] no later than 20 September 2020. All cancellations are subject to a $50 administrative fee. New registrations and cancellation requests received after 20 September 2020 are non-refundable. Marketplace-only passes are non-refundable.

Will GSX 2021 be an in-person event?

We are planning for in-person ASIS events to return in 2021—with GSX 2021 taking place 27 – 29 September 2021 in Orlando, FL.

Will GSX+ be available in 2021?

We are planning for GSX 2021 to be a hybrid event – a live, in-person conference in Orlando, with a robust virtual event option for attendees who are unable to travel.

Will GSX return to Atlanta in 2021?

GSX 2021 will be held 27 – 29 September 2021 in Orlando, FL. We will return to Atlanta the following year for GSX 2022.

Who should I contact for technical assistance/troubleshooting during GSX+?

Contact information will be made available when your login information is sent, approximately one week before the conference.

Who should I contact with further GSX+ questions?

Please visit our Contact Us page to identify the GSX staff who can best assist with your question.



What exhibition and sponsorship opportunities exist for GSX+?

There are branding, thought leadership, and lead generation opportunities built into the GSX+ platform to provide exhibitor multiple ways to reach their target audience and achieve significant return on investment. For GSX 2020 exhibitors and sponsors, your account manager will be contacting you shortly with detailed information regarding the digital platform capabilities and opportunities for you to reach customers at GSX+.

My company was confirmed to exhibit at GSX 2020. What are my options regarding my financial investment in GSX 2020?

Thank you for your support of GSX and ASIS International. Per our “satisfaction guaranteed, or we will make it right” policy, we have three options to offer GSX 2020 exhibitors:

  • reallocate your investment into GSX+
  • reallocate your investment into GSX 2021
  • receive a refund

Please contact [email protected] or your specific account manager for more information.

Can GSX 2020 exhibitors roll our 2020 funds into 2021?

Yes. Exhibitors can choose to roll all or some of their GSX 2020 payment into GSX 2021. If you (the exhibitor) know how you would like to reallocate your investment into GSX+ or GSX 2021, please make your request in writing to [email protected]. Your account manager will be contacting you via scheduled appointment day/time to discuss options for reallocation and details regarding each opportunity. When GSX+ opens for exhibitor/sponsorship sales your account manager will contact you to discuss features, benefits, and costs to setup your virtual showcase.

Will I be refunded for extra registration fees that I have paid?

All existing exhibitor registrations will be automatically cancelled and all fees will be refunded in full. Please allow up to 30 days for registration fee refunds to be processed.

What will happen to my organization’s hotel reservations?

  • If your organization booked their hotel rooms through MCI USA, the official housing and registration company of GSX, your room block will be cancelled automatically by MCI with no financial penalty to your organization.
  • If you did not book through MCI, please contact your hotel directly to cancel your room reservations and to resolve any cancellation fees.

My company has not paid their GSX 2020 invoice in full due to concerns that the event would not occur. What happens to the remaining balance on my invoice?

The amount paid can be moved to GSX+ or GSX 2021.

I booked a booth for GSX 2020 and already cancelled my booth with a cancellation liability fee. Will I be refunded?

Exhibitors who cancelled their participation at GSX after January 1, 2020 will have the option to reinstate their participation in GSX+ or rollover to GSX 2021 only if their account is current and all outstanding penalties have been paid in full. There will be no refunds provided on previously cancelled exhibiting contracts.

Who should I contact with further GSX+ questions?

For specific questions, please contact [email protected] or your specific account manager.



I was confirmed to speak at GSX 2020. How can I find out whether my session will be included in GSX+?

ASIS has sent an email to all GSX 2020 accepted session speakers. If you did not receive an email, please contact [email protected]. Speakers can find more information on the Speaker Dashboard.

Can I propose an education session for GSX+?

The education line up for GSX+ is all set, with additional sessions on a waitlist in case of cancellations. The formal GSX 2021 Call for Presentations process will open in December. If you would like to be added to our list to be notified of the Call opening, please send an email to [email protected].

Will I earn CPEs for presenting at GSX+?

Yes, speakers will still earn 3 CPEs for each hour of presentation.

Who should I contact with further GSX+ speaker questions?

For specific questions, please contact [email protected].