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With your Global Security Exchange (GSX) 2021 All-Access Pass, you get complimentary access to two exclusive Encore Events on 20 October and 10 November 2021 –– and all sessions on demand through the end of the year.


Join us tomorrow for a rebroadcast of these three top attended sessions. Plus, each speaker will be in attendance to continue the critical conversations started at this year’s GSX.

Mass Shooting Liability: What Every American Business Has to be Concerned With

11:00 AM ET
Tune in to hear examples of these tragic incidents and how the liability landscape has changed throughout the courts of America focusing on hotel chains, but also to educational facilities, shopping malls, apartment complexes and places of business.

Using Metrics to Support the Value Proposition of an Organization’s Security Operation

12:00 PM ET
Join us and walk through the creation of a metric-evaluation program, how to use metrics to measure the performance of your security program and examine case studies of existing programs. This presentation consists of a panel of data experts presenting several case studies and examples of effective metric management.

Effective Presentations to the Senior Executive Team and Board of Directors

1:00 PM ET
Understand why some security leaders dread the offensive task and learn how to turn the opportunity into a constructive conversation about managing risk. Learn practical tips to gain allies on the board or senior team as well as how to communicate in clear concise terms that leave the audience with a sense of trust in the presenter.


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