Security Technologies: Five-Emerging Physical Security Technology Trends That Will Define Road Map for Next 5-Years

In anticipation of GSX, we sat down with presenters of upcoming sessions in order to get a better understanding of the topics at hand. This week we are featuring, “Security Technologies: Five-Emerging Physical Security Technology Trends That Will Define Road Map for Next 5-Years,” presented by Shreeram Marathe, Lead – Security Technology and Automation (O&M) at ADANI. Read on for what he had to say and don’t forget to register for GSX 2023

Q: Tell us about your presentation and why should security professionals have this topic on their radar? 

A: The presentation is about the latest technological advancements that are taking the physical security industry by storm. By knowing about these technologies, a CSO will stay ahead of the curve. These technologies are: 

  • Cloud: as a platform for Infra, Software, Services & much more  
  • Touchless experience in access control – making the User more than happy
  • Advance Data Analytics: Data-driven decision making to optimize cost, enhance performance, increase effectiveness, make security operations more agile. 
  • Drone, Robots & Bots – to minimize human dependency, make the security operations risk free, optimize the cost 
  • Smart Integrated Buildings – to decrease the number of IoT sensors, convergence of non-security and security tech, integrated command & control, increase the efficiency of employees, sustainable and green. 

Q: What advice would you give security professionals interested in this topic? 

A: The security professionals who are interested in this topic should not miss this presentation. The presentation will provide them with an opportunity to delve deeper into these technologies and evaluate the relevance to physical security operations. These technologies are not new but the applicability of these technologies in physical security is not widespread at present. In the next 5 years or so, the use-cases & implementation of these technologies will be very common in physical security. 

Q: How do you see this issue evolving in the next 2-5 years? 

A: As I write, there is a growing population of physical security professionals who have joined the domain from very diverse and tech-oriented backgrounds such as IoT, information technology, automation, aviation tech etc. This new wave of security professionals is bringing in the rich legacy of these diverse domains into physical security to fast-track the tech-implementation. In the next 2-5 years, tech consumption will grow exponentially in the security domain. 

Q: Why do you attend GSX? 

A: GSX is like ‘Maha Kumbh’ of physical security professionals. The crème de la crème of the security industry participate in GSX and thus for budding professional as well as for pros, it is the greatest opportunity to exchange ideas, share knowledge, introduce path-breaking concepts, and break the glass ceiling. For an international speaker like me, it is possibly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.