Check out the OCCC!

GSX 2024 will be held at the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) in Orlando, Florida, USA from 23-25 September. In addition to the many wonderful aspects of Orlando as a host city, the OCCC is always working to make the convention center itself an appealing, safe, and sustainable venue. 

In 2023, the OCCC introduced its latest security improvement with BBot, a 5-foot, 500-pound autonomous security robot. The robot will increase the safety and security of OCCC guests by increasing the scope of surveillance on the Center’s campus. 

When developing the robot, the OCCC reached out to a local elementary school, Sand Lake Elementary, to help name the new robot. Third-grader Melodie Arroyo submitted the winning name in a schoolwide contest “BBot,” which stands for “Bringing Bravery Out Together.” 

BBot will provide 360-degree video surveillance to monitor crowds. Its video stream connects directly to the OCCC Security Command Center. It will feature a “help” button that attendees can utilize, which also has a direct line to the Command Center. BBot has thermal imaging capabilities that can detect temperature abnormalities both among humans and in the physical environment, which can help with safety features such as early fire detection and picking up a presence of an elevated body temperature. 

“BBot will be a revolutionary tool for the OCCC’s Security Team, however, it is not meant to replace the essential human element to safety,” said Orange County Mayor Jerry L. Demings. “Rather, it is meant to make security more effective. BBot will serve as a robust addition to an already award-winning security staff, devoted to creating Transformational Experiences through safety.” 

In addition to these increased security measures, the OCCC is constantly working to be a sustainable event venue, with waste diversion measures, a sustainable food menu, donating unused event materials, and carbon offset. 

Waste diversion at the OCCC includes mixed recycling services in the Center’s concourses and composting in both back and front of house. Much of the food at the OCCC comes from the Center-to-Table Gardens, which have more than 80 aeroponic grow towers which grow healthy, non-GMO foods. Following an event, the event team can work with the OCCC Sustainability Team and Sodexo Live! to ensure food and other leftover items are diverted from landfills to more positively impact the local community. 

The OCCC also works with We Are Neutral to calculate emissions from an event and offset them by funding local carbon sequestration projects across central Florida. 

The sustainability efforts at the OCCC and by the city of Orlando at large have been recognized and celebrated by the U.S. Green Building Council. The OCCC earned the internationally accredited Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for Cities and Communities gold certification, and the city of Orlando achieved a LEED for Cities gold certification. 

ASIS International is excited to host GSX 2024 at this outstanding venue and capitalize on the world-class security and sustainability initiatives the OCCC provides.