Behavior Threat Detection & Assessment: The Demystified Proactive Approach to Security

In anticipation of GSX, we sat down with presenters of upcoming sessions in order to get a better understanding of the topics at hand. This week we are featuring, “Behavior Threat Detection & Assessment: The Demystified Proactive Approach to Security” presented by Michael Rozin, President at Rozin Security Consulting LLC. Read on for what he had to say and don’t forget to register for GSX 2023!

Q: Tell us about your presentation and why should security professionals have this topic on their radar? 

A: My presentation focuses on Behavior Threat Detection, a practical and proven method for preventing mass violence, sabotage, and other harmful acts.  

Too often, security operations are reactive, often tailing the threat actor. In an era where security challenges are proliferating, traditional measures and reactive tactics are often unacceptable. This is where Behavior Threat Detection comes into play. It’s an approach that emphasizes the proactive identification and assessment of individuals with malicious intent in real-world environments.  

During the presentation, I will provide a comprehensive overview of how this approach functions, illustrate examples of its successful implementation, and demonstrate how it can be seamlessly integrated with current security operations to get one step ahead of the aggressor and create a safer environment. 

Q: What advice you would give security professionals interested in this topic?  

A: For those interested in Behavior Threat Detection, it’s vital to comprehend that two principal components typically underpin any malicious activity: firstly, an individual harboring malicious intent, and secondly, the means or weaponry to execute the intended act. Behavior Threat Detection serves as a potent system in preemptively identifying individuals intending to cause harm, deterring them from these activities, and intervening before the malicious activity can be carried out.  These methods have been rigorously field-tested and have evolved significantly over the past four decades. 

From augmenting security patrols and checkpoints to bolstering applicant screening, employees’ security awareness, and workplace violence prevention, an increasing number of organizations are making Behavior Threat Detection a cornerstone of their security strategy. This approach stands out as one of the few genuinely proactive and empirically validated measures available today. 

Nonetheless, it’s important to recognize that Behavior Threat Detection operates most effectively as an element of a broader, holistic security strategy. Professionals should stay current with advancements in the field as new threat patterns and best practices emerge regularly. Furthermore, fostering robust relationships with your workforce, business partners, and surrounding communities can significantly enhance this proactive approach to security. 

Q: How do you see this issue evolving in the next 2-5 years? 

A: In the forthcoming years, I foresee Behavior Threat Detection evolving into an increasingly indispensable facet of security operations. Technological advancements are set to create more sophisticated capabilities, enabling quicker and more precise detection of potential threats and identification of evolving plans to execute malicious activities. 

However, there will also be challenges, such as the need for rigorous staff training, legally compliant and refined protocols, and policies governing the utilization of Behavior Threat Detection methods.  

Given these complexities, professionals certified and experienced in Behavior Threat Detection will undoubtedly become highly sought-after commodities in the security job market. This demand reflects the significant role such individuals play in an increasingly specialized field. As threats to physical security become more intricate, our detection and prevention methodologies must adapt accordingly. This domain will continue to improve and innovate.  

Q: Why do you attend GSX? 

A: For me, GSX is an invaluable opportunity to connect with other security professionals from around the world. It provides an excellent platform to learn about the latest developments in the security field, share insights, and contribute to the evolving dialogue on global security challenges.  

It’s a chance for me to share my research and experiences and learn from a diverse group of experts. By attending GSX, I can stay updated on the latest threat trends, security solutions, and strategies, ensuring I am well-equipped to respond to the rapidly changing landscape of security threats.