An Australian Perspective on a Security Systems Installation Project

By Paul Ducker

Integrating security projects within a large public transport department in a state the size of Texas with just one law enforcement agency is challenging at the best of times. There are so many hurdles to negotiate whilst managing competing priorities. When you involve public assets, using public money, it’s multiplied tenfold. It all comes down to negotiation and experience in dealing with challenges such as:

  • The suspicion that comes with people tasking you to secure ‘their’ asset
  • The always present ‘time and budget’ restraints
  • Integrating the project to complement the day-to-day operations of the asset
  • Obtaining the best outcome for the organization, the staff, and the asset

Taking the easy way, just to get the project completed, is never the right way. We operate in a business where the key factor is integrity. My name is on every project, and I stand behind each one. It’s not easy. It’s frustrating and time consuming. But that’s why we are in this business.

At the ASIS International Global Security Exchange (GSX), I will present a case study detailing the sometimes ‘Australian’ methods in ensuring a project is completed on time, on target, and on budget, including:

  • Red teaming and getting in the mind of the offender (breaking down the Westminster Bridge Attack)
  • Providing benefits to asset managers, staff, and the organization that they never thought possible
  • Reducing cameras to increase security
  • Increasing protection to an asset by removing 30 bollards from a proposed construction project (installing only two) and saving $800,000

I hope you will come to session #5116, An Australian Perspective on a Security Systems Installation Project, at 11:00 am on Tuesday, 25 September. Learn a little more about our security environment, how we assess each project, and learning through mistakes and successes. You will have a few laughs and come away with some different ways looking at what you see every day.