Georgia World Congress | Atlanta, GA | #GSX20

The CSO Experience at GSX

Chief Security Officers and High-Level Deputies—Here’s What You’ll Find at Global Security Exchange

In addition to the 550+ exhibitors displaying the most cutting-edge technology in the marketplace; networking events where you can meet not only other CSOs but practitioners from all vertical markets and specialties; the more than 300 education sessions, four General Sessions, new Game Changer sessions, and free experiential sessions in the exhibit hall that are all led by top security industry experts and offer actionable solutions to challenging issues that can help your team thrive and stay abreast of the current landscape, there is also an exclusive program catering to the needs of senior security officers and their deputies. The CSO sessions are open to CSO Center and eligible members, unless indicated otherwise. Not an ASIS CSO Center member yet? See if you are eligible and sign up now while membership pricing is set for half year dues.

GSX is a perfect opportunity for you to bring your team so they can keep up-to-date on the ever changing landscape as well as give them a chance to grow in their careers.

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CSO Education Track

The CSO track brings together the global community of chief security officers and their deputies to explore a wide variety of critical issues and compare approaches and strategies to best prepare for an uncertain future.  Here are a few topical concepts that we’ll be discussing onsite at GSX. More details to come,visit again for descriptions and additional content.

  • Distinguished Speaker Series: A Conversation with General John Kelly (RET) (CSO Center members only)
    Be part of this exclusive follow-up session, featuring a Q&A with Gen. John Kelly. Implications of geopolitics on the CSO role will be discussed.
  • Distinguished Speaker Series: A Conversation with Jacobs Chair and CEO, Steve Demetriou (CSO Center members only)
    Enjoy this exclusive opportunity to speak with Steve Demetriou, the Chair and CEO of Jacobs, a global professional services company. He will share his perspectives on business, risk, and security in an interactive setting.
  • To Converge or Not to Converge: A Debate
    The ASIS Foundation is about to release a groundbreaking study on the extent of convergence of physical security, cyber security, and business continuity in the United States, Europe, and India. More than 1,000 security professionals responded to the survey supporting the study. This session puts a human face to the study, with security executives debating the pros and cons of blending cyber, physical, and/or business continuity.
  • AI, VR, 5G: Charge of the Tech Brigade
    To stay relevant, CSOs must keep up with the latest technology that both enables and threatens security. Find out what security executives need to know now about these technologies.
  • Deepfakes and Beyond: AI, Trust, and Security
    The convergence of global power shifts, societal tensions, changing levels of trust, and the rise of technology are altering how we live, conduct business, and govern. As investment in AI, VR, and robotics grows, technology-driven disruptive forces will transform governments, businesses, and societies alike.
  • A Dynamic “Anti-Panel”: Take the Stage as an Ad Hoc Panelist
    Face it—sometimes you know more about the subject being discussed by presenters than they do. Or else, they don’t delve into the issues you really want to hear about. Now’s your time to shine. Attendees will identify a timely topic and assemble an ad hoc panel to discuss it.
  • No Law Enforcement? No Problem: The New Breed of CSOs
    Military and law enforcement backgrounds are no longer required for the CSO role. In this session, hear about how this evolution has impacted where security departments and leaders are headed, what skill sets are required, how departments can be structured and how the roles of innovation and change will take on greater significance.

Enjoy the Quiet CSO Center Lounge While at GSX

The CSO Lounge is an elite area to relax and enjoy refreshments while connecting with fellow CSOs through networking and meetings. In addition to private conference rooms, the Lounge provides CSOs with enhanced benefits such as charging areas and concierge services.

A Full CSO Experience

In addition to the targeted content and the use of the exclusive CSO Center Lounge, you have access to a dedicated registration counter and the CSO Center/ISMA mixer where you can meet and connect with members from the Global Association of Leading Chief Security Officers. The CSO Center/ISMA Mixer will be on Wednesday, 11 September, 4:30 – 6:00 pm.

In order to gain access to all the exclusive CSO programing and lounge, ASIS staff will be prequalifying attendees via the registration list and you will have a special flag on your registration badge that will give you automatic access. If you do not have this on your badge or sign up onsite, please come to CSO Center lounge and ask for Carla Lochiatto or Mike Gips.