What’s Next: From Black Swans to Unknown Knowns

Each year, ASIS highlights one Game Changer session each day. These sessions feature high-level content and are designed to explore trends that will shape the future of the security industry. 

This year, the three Game Changer sessions are themed around Black Swan risks and unknown knowns. Security professionals evaluate risk through many lenses. What keeps them up at night are the Black Swan risks that come seemingly out of the blue and are only understood with the luxury of time and hindsight.  

However, some issues are well known but seem only tangentially related to security. These “unknown knowns” are well-documented, but their effect on security seems remote. Understanding the impact of these events playing out on the world stage—including resilience in the face of disaster, global conflict, and climate change—can make all the difference between an adequate security program and an extraordinary one. 

In Monday’s session, “Knocked Down, Not Knocked Out: Building Organizational Resilience,” Maribeth Anderson and Ralph Miles, CPP, will highlight the cruciality of building an organization that is resilient not only by bouncing back from challenges and crisis situations, but also in developing the capacity to change and adapt in the face of adversity. In this session, attendees will learn to enable organizational agility and set the tone for resilience within the security function, outline the critical preparedness steps that lead to greater resilience, and analyze how organizations have applied resilience principles in real-life situations. 

In “Do You Trust Me? How to Thrive in a Mistrustful Era” on Tuesday, Diana Concannon, PCI, will discuss how global conflict continues to affect the workplace directly as political and ideological divides lead to mistrust among colleagues and teams and how security professionals can mitigate damage from these schisms. Attendees will examine how mistrust can threaten security efforts, explore current challenges and how they are amplified by technology, and recognize the role human nature can play in combatting future mistrust. 

In the final Game Changer, “When Chaos Reigns: The Critical Role of Security in Global Crises,” Larry Fitzgerald, CPP, PSP, Nicole Persaud, Rawlings Miller, and Tracey Durner will focus on using an Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) lens for risk assessment while in a disastrous environment, like war, famine, natural disaster, or civil and social unrest. In this session, attendees will appraise how responding to crises can affect a company’s reputation, discuss ESG concepts to resonate with all stakeholders, and prepare security stakeholders/teams to think strategically around ESG and reputational issues. 

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