Road to Security Leadership for NextGen

 Pushkar Tripathi, CPP, PCI, PSP

In recent years, the security threat landscape has undergone a seismic shift, capturing the attention of the entire world. This transformation has ignited a growing interest among young, aspiring security professionals, eager to explore security management as a promising career avenue. The primary objective of this session is to provide these emerging talents with a comprehensive view of the security industry, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and insights necessary to thrive in this dynamic field. 

One of the foremost aspects that will be addressed is the evolving nature of security challenges. In today’s interconnected world, security professionals face many threats, ranging from cyberattacks and data breaches to physical security concerns. By delving into these challenges, the session aims to prepare young individuals for the multifaceted responsibilities they will bear as security professionals. 

Furthermore, the session will emphasize the essential personality traits, skills, and knowledge required in the security industry. Adaptability, critical thinking, and a commitment to continuous learning are some of the traits that will be highlighted. Skills such as risk assessment, crisis management, and technology proficiency are vital tools in a security professional’s arsenal. Moreover, an in-depth understanding of security principles, laws, and regulations will be emphasized as foundational knowledge. 

A significant focal point of the session will be the role of ASIS board certification in career progression. ASIS International is a globally recognized organization that offers certifications tailored to security professionals. The session will elucidate how achieving these certifications can propel one’s career forward and enhance career credibility. 

Another critical aspect to be addressed is the common mistakes that young professionals often make during their tenure. By learning from the experiences of seasoned security experts, attendees can avoid pitfalls and navigate their careers more effectively. These insights will include guidance on decision-making, communication, and professional ethics. 

By the conclusion of this enlightening session, young professionals will emerge with a wealth of knowledge and motivation. They will be empowered to make informed career decisions, aspire to become seasoned security professionals, and chart a course toward leadership roles in the security industry. With a holistic understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the security field, these emerging talents will be well-equipped to embark on a successful and fulfilling journey in security management.

You can watch Pushkar Tripathi’s full presentation along with three others in the GSX 2023 Career HQ leadership collection.