Power Up Your Personal Brand: Grow Your Professional Influence

Lida Citroën

For decades, being good at your job, not making waves and having adequate technical skills grew your career. Today, that’s not enough. 

Today, professionals who’re rising to the senior-most ranks of the organization yield a strong personal brand, the ability to influence and create measurable impact. No longer is competency the standard. Tomorrow’s leaders must lead from the front, and seen, to command respect, inspiration and sustainable sway. 

Stand up to stand out 

Let’s break down how influence works: While traditional models of influence building focused heavily on smart communication, executive presence and even pedigree, modern influence looks different. Rank, authority, title, job description, age, or gender no longer determine one’s level of influence. Some of the most ineffective managers have the title, and young female entrepreneurs who lack the pedigree and age of their more powerful counterparts, can move nations. 

Influence means selling a vision. To be influential requires a cogent and passionate idea – the mission – and an unwavering commitment to see that idea come to life. Along the way, the influential person supports and encourages others, embraces diversity of thought and person, and shares a real passion to see the company, process, team or industry a better way.  

The influential leader curates a personal brand which wraps their vision around non-negotiable core principles and values. While process, timing and recognition are up for grabs, values are not. In this way, the influential leader has earned credibility that makes them trustworthy, heard, understood and supported as they influence those around them.  

As security professionals you are in the trust business. When times are smooth, you’re trusted to keep the ship steady and pointed towards safe harbors. When times are challenging, it’s your reputation, confidence, credibility, and experience that enlists the support needed to keep the enterprise protected.  

To stand up and stand out requires bravery and realness that’s authentic and sustaining. Your ability to earn and keep trust comes from your unwavering belief in what you believe is right, for the organization and it’s people. 

Take the risk. Let people see your flaws and hopes and dreams. Show them why they should trust you and follow your recommendations; don’t just expect them to. Listen and learn from people around you and watch your world become richer and more impactful as your impact takes hold to make your life – and those around you – better.

You can watch Lida Citroën’s full presentation along with one other in the GSX 2023 Career HQ networking collection.