Key Management: Extending the Reach and Value of Access Control Systems

Businesses go to great lengths adding layers of security to keep their employees, customers, and organization safe. According to Gartner’s data on IT industry metrics, companies spend an average of 6 percent of their IT budget on security each year.

Access control, video surveillance, fire protection, and cybersecurity precautions usually lead the way; however, safeguarding physical keys and employee-used devices is often ignored as a fundamental element of security. As such, most businesses overlook adding them to their security program, but physical key security and device management should be a priority. Not necessarily because of the value of the key or asset, but because of what the key or asset has access to or authorizes. That’s the greater value, and potentially the greater risk, to an organization.

Craig Newell, Traka Americas ASSA ABLOY’S vice president of business development, sat down with host Chuck Harold to discuss Traka’s involvement in Global Security Exchange 2021, taking place 27-29 September in Orlando, FL.

The two discussed how Traka works to understand an organization’s needs and implement a key or asset control system that gets to the heart of each risk and challenge a security and facilities team will face in 2021.

Check out the video to hear more about how key and asset management can extend the reach and value of a physical access control system by:

  1. Taking inventory
  2. Driving operational efficiency
  3. Bridging offline with online security
  4. Auditing the process
  5. Providing accountability and control