GSX Daily 2023 – For an Impactful Elevator Pitch, Aim to Connect Emotionally

By Claire Meyer

“We act on logic, but we buy on emotion,” says Lida Citroën, speaker, author, executive coach, and CEO of LIDA360 LLC.

In the 2023 CSO Secure Horizons event at GSX, Citroën led a group of senior security executives (SSEs) in exercises and discussions around personal branding, developing influence, and crafting compelling communication. Leveraging emotion and storytelling can help security executives connect more fully with a wider audience, earn buy-in, and build relationships.

In one exercise within the two-day event, exclusive to CSO Center members, participants learned how to develop clearer narratives within their elevator pitches—short 30-second speeches that introduce the listener to who you are and what you stand for. These spiels are often used to introduce yourself to a stranger, kick off a meeting, or facilitate networking.

However, elevator pitches frequently go wrong, Citroën says. The speaker could essentially be rattling off their job description or résumé; using body language inappropriate for the situation, such as a lack of eye contact or overexcited hand gestures; or oversharing with jargon, too much technical detail, or irrelevant information that confounds the listener.

A good pitch, on the other hand, shows excitement, is concise, and shows interest in others, turning a short speech into an entrée for a productive and positive dialog.

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