Exhibitor Profile: Awareity (Booth #3282)

Awareity is a multi-industry leader and creator of the first-of-its-kind Community-wide Fusion Platform. Established in 2010, Awareity is on a mission to make the world safer using research-based data, evidence-based data, and a passion to help organizations and communities disrupt and prevent incidents and tragedies before they occur.

Community-wide Fusion Platform

Awareity’s Community-wide Fusion Platform offers not only a new category of solution, but a critically needed solution for disrupting, preventing, and stopping active shooters, workplace violence, nurse violence, and numerous other acts of violence. The Community-wide Fusion Platform is successfully preventing incidents and tragedies across multiple industries by eliminating common and dangerous gaps in threat assessment and intervention efforts.

A Different Kind of Camera

15+ years of research into post-incident reports from mass shootings and other acts of violence have provided extremely valuable lessons learned and exposed how “Walking, Talking, Social Media Cameras” can be the difference maker in preventing Active Shooters and other acts of violence.

What are “Walking, Talking, Social Media Cameras”?

People. A student, employee, teacher, family, friend, counselor, principal, nurse, parent, other family member, neighbor, law enforcement, mental health expert, social worker, child services agent, social media user, and other community members who observe warning signs and pre-incident indicators. With a Community-wide Fusion Platform, a central, community-wide team (Threat Assessment Team (TAT), Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT), etc.) could securely see all of the warning signs and pre-incident indicators BEFORE the escalation and attack occurs. When the right people have the right information, they can take the right steps to intervene and prevent attacks before they occur.

Expanding Reseller Program

Awareity is expanding our Reseller Program so leading and forward-thinking Security/Safety Integrators can create differentiation, new prospects, and new revenues to complement current product and service offerings.

Imagine the difference when warning signs and pre-incident indicators are collected and acted upon before incidents and tragedies take place. Join us and help us make schools, colleges, organizations, and communities safer.

For more information, please visit www.awareity.com or visit us at booth 3282 at GSX, September 24-27, 2018.