Career Opportunities in Security Management

By Ron Martin, CPP

It is important to note that security is a business function, not a subset or spin-off of the criminal justice system. Therefore, security management is a distinct field of academic study, separate and apart from criminal justice. Entrants to the industry seek internships, cooperative or work study programs, and entry level positions with employers.

The industry needs a more diverse community of entry level analysts and technicians. This session will provide a summary of security career opportunities along with the supporting career competencies. The essence of this session is the career competency model developed from the United States Department of Labor Model. Many entrants are not aware of the industry’s career opportunities. Nor do they know the competencies required.

In the security industry, as well as in all industries, there are three distinct actors in the career development process-the employer, institutions, and the individual. The employer’s role is to provide employment opportunities and establish competencies for their employees. The second actor is “the institution”. An obvious example is the school system, but industry associations play an important role as well. They can provide a baseline competency for the industry they serve. Finally, there is the individual. He/she must obtain the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities to apply and compete for many career opportunities the industry will offer.

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This session will cover the “What and the How” of security management. The “what” are career opportunities. The “how” are the core career competencies an individual will need to satisfy the employer’s workforce requirements.

Join me on September 26th for Session #6122, Security Careers: The What and the How.