Business Continuity for the Aftermath of an Active Shooter Incident

By Hector Sanchez, MBA; CPP

Here we are just over 151 days into 2018 and we already have “473” injured and ”202” killed in active shooter incidents with over 7 months remaining in 2018. There are many reasons why such horrible incidents take place, but the impact is deeply felt throughout our society and the effects are long-lasting. The Department of Homeland Security had developed and tirelessly communicated their “run, hide, fight” approach, via any and all means available; yet victims outnumber the calendar days this year 2:1 with over half the year remaining. There isn’t a solution to this epidemic that continues to metastasize within our society with no end in sight; so, what is there to do?

Here are the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 considerations to take:

Five (5) actions to take
1. Develop an action plan considering the worst and work backwards
2. Involve all individuals from your organization
3. Engage vendors, contractors, and customers alike
4. Get Law Enforcement and First Responders to play a part
5. Continuously perform Operational Security Assessments

Four (4) areas that must be clearly explained in your Policies & Procedures
1. Incident Management Plan
2. Visitor Management Program
3. Strong CPTED Operational Philosophy
4. Workplace Violence & Active Shooter Insurance

Three (3) Principles to live, operate, and exist by (ASIS)
1. Policies, Procedures, & Protocols (3Ps)
2. Technology, Tools, & Techniques (3Ts)
3. Internal, External, or Hybrid Security HR

Two (2) Operational security incident outcomes of an organization
1. It will survive after the incident because of the readiness level it operated under, or
2. It will perish because it operated under false pretences that “it will never happen to us”

One (1) real fact…
1. It’s not if it happens but when it happens that organizations should operate under

Take action using the previous points or reach out to someone that can help your organization!
Join us on September 26 in Las Vegas, NV at the Global Security Exchange (GSX) from 11:00-12:15 for a live presentation on such an important, valuable, and relevant topic that’s impacting everyone today. I look forward to meeting everyone there!