9 Education Sessions You Don’t Want to Miss

GSX’s largest-ever education program has something for everyone. From workshops to simulations, our 350+ education sessions are bursting with the latest industry knowledge and are designed to deliver actionable takeaways that help shape your security strategy today and in the future.

With just nine days left until GSX begins, we wanted to share with you nine sessions sure to draw a crowd. Make sure you set aside time to check out these valuable discussions.

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9. The Nightmare that Won’t End: A Negligent Security Mock Trial

Session 4218   |   Monday, 24 September   |   2:15 – 4:15pm   |   N113-114

The scenario: A criminal who was not supposed to be on site commits a horrible act on company property. A letter arrives. The company is being sued. Soon the director of security is in a courtroom with a lawyer, second guessing every decision. In a mock trial, lawyers and security personnel present patterns of testimony that show how to and how not to deal with the dreaded lawsuit. The result will help others learn not only how to get through such a lawsuit, but also what steps to take beforehand to prevent the initial tragedy.

8. Facility Security Design from Conception to Completion

Session 4222   |   Monday, 24 September   |   2:15 – 4:15pm   |   N201-204

Developing physical security systems requires professionals to have a solid understanding of the design process. Come away with a basic understanding of the process by completing a real-world project. Learn how to conduct risk assessments, develop functional requirements, and identify mitigation measures that are the basis of design. Understand how to translate the requirements into construction documents and apply the tools and techniques into a virtual facility. The process and skills discussed are reinforced through interactive learning and the sharing of knowledge among the participants.

7. How to Adapt Your Security Posture to the Infusion of Drones

Session 4203   |   Monday, 24 September   |   2:15 – 3:30pm   |   N209–212

With the rapid deployment of small drones across the globe, security organizations are scrambling to become familiar with the threat they represent as well as with ways to use this new technology as a force-multiplying asset. Learn from drone industry professionals and a physical security design engineer about the realistic applications of drone systems and counter-drone solutions that can protect organizations and facilities. Come away with answers to various questions, such as How can drone flights be detected? Are drones trespassing? Can drones be stopped in the air?

6. Innovations in Soft Target Protection

Session 4313   |   Monday, 24 September   |   3:45 – 5:00pm   |   N109-110

An increase in attacks on soft targets around the world challenges security professionals to deploy innovative security measures capable of deterring, detecting, and preventing terrorist and idiosyncratic attacks. At the same time, the measures used must accommodate critical business requirements. Review highly-effective security strategies, proven methods, and the proper design of security operations that minimize the potential for attacks but recognize the functional needs of a typical soft targets. Examine examples of proper security designs at publicly accessible facilities and venues.

5. School Emergency Preparedness Using a Tabletop Exercise

Session 4306   |   Monday, 24 September   |   3:45 – 5:00pm   |   N205-208

During any emergency, security professionals must be able to draw from all available resources. The special skills, training, and capabilities of staff play a vital role in coping with the effects of any disaster as well as its aftermath. Working in teams, participants take on specific roles (spokesperson, scribe, stakeholder). After an emergency scenario is introduced, participants draw on the experiences of their team members then share responses as the scenario unfolds.

4. Defending Against Vehicle Ramming Attacks

Session 5118   |   Tuesday, 25 September   |   11:00am – 12:15pm   |   N119

Vehicle ramming attacks are on the rise. As security measures have become more sophisticated and effective, violent extremists have responded with attack methods that require little preparation and can be carried out by a single individual. Working together, local governments and the private sector can devise mitigation strategies to help protect lives. Join representatives from two public-private security partnerships, Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office Shield in Minneapolis and NYPD SHIELD in New York City, to discuss how cities are addressing this deadly threat.

3. Manage Your Security Organization Through ESRM

Session 5207   |   Tuesday, 25 September   |   2:00 – 3:00pm   |   N113-114

Are you a C/ISO or security executive having a difficult time developing a career map for your team? Are you a security Manager or Director having a difficult time communicating the “vision of security” from your level to your reports? Are you a line supervisor struggling to lead a guard force? Come learn how Enterprise Security Risk Management, or ESRM, can help provide performance expectations to all career levels across a security organization. You will also learn how ESRM can help security personnel understand how to elevate themselves in this dynamic and ever-changing industry.

2. Building a Security Program from Scratch

Session 6220   |   Wednesday, 26 September   |   2:15 – 4:15pm   |   N111-112

Imagine that a newly-hired director of security has been asked to create a security plan by the organization’s C-suite. The director knows that a successful physical protection program includes the effective integration of people, policies and procedures, and technologies, but can the plan help determine the best choices for this new organization? How can the findings be presented effectively to the C-suite? Come away with the basics needed to prepare a security plan that includes threat identification and risk mitigation. From selecting the right technology, to creating a balanced budget, to integrating ESRM, learn how to create a tailor-made security program for an organization.

1. How to Position Yourself for the Careers of the Future

Session 7003   |   Thursday, 27 September   |   11:30am – 12:30pm   |   Career Center

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We are bombarded with news reports and studies about how some jobs will disappear in the future or be done by robots. How do we position ourselves for careers with longevity and for the new careers of the future? Our panel will share their insights on the careers of the future and provide guidance on how you can position yourself for future success and ensure you are gaining the skills needed to have a resilient career.