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GSX+ Challenge

Introducing the GSX+ Challenge

We are challenging ASIS International chapters, members, and volunteers to spread the word about this new online experience. Share via Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter a brief video explaining why you plan to attend GSX+ and how it is now more important than ever for the security profession to connect and engage. As a leader and partner of ASIS International, your voice is trusted in the security community. Challenge your fellow community members to join you 21-25 September 2020!

Sample Video 

2020 ASIS International President, Godfried Hendriks, CPP, kicks off the GSX+ challenge. 

Sample Scripts

Use these scripts as a starting point for your message. 


Hello, I am [name].

I’ve been a member of ASIS International since [year].

I just registered for GSX Plus this September, and am challenging [state three member or chapter names] to register and post their video challenging three others.

Who will you challenge?

To register for GSX Plus, please go to g-s-x-dot-o-r-g.


Hello, I am [name].

I’ve been a member of ASIS International since [year].

This September, our global community of professionals will get to come together for the virtual experience GSX Plus.

My top reason for attending is [reason].

Will I see you there? Go to g-s-x-dot-o-r-g to register.