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Exhibitor Graphics

All GSX 2018 exhibitors are authorized to use the following GSX graphics in their promotional materials.

Download the logo:

4-color JPG (.jpg)
Adobe Fireworks: 4-color (.png)
Adobe Fireworks: Reversed (.png)
Encapsulated PostScript (.eps)

Note: The GSX logo must appear in its original colors, black, or white on a dark background. Please do not make the logo any other color or otherwise alter the logo.

Download the GSX Logo Style Guide

Download the email signature:

Download the web banners:

300×250 Version 1 Customizable (.pdf)
300×250 Version 1 General (.jpg)

728×90 Version 1 Customizable (.pdf)
728×90 Version 1 General (.jpg)

468×90 Version 1 Customizable (.pdf)
468×90 Version 1 General (.jpg)

300×250 Version 2 Customizable (.pdf)
300×250 Version 2 General (.jpg)

728×90 Version 2 Customizable (.pdf)
728×90 Version 2 General (.jpg)

468×90 Version 2 Customizable (.pdf)
468×90 Version 2 General (.jpg)

Download an e-badge:

GSX_ExhibitorGSX_platinum GSX_GoldGSX_Silver GSX_Bronze GSX_speakerGSX_Partner


If you need help customizing the web banners or have questions about using the GSX logo in your own materials, contact Susan Davidson, Senior Marketing Manager, Events.