A Global Community at GSX+

Visit the ASIS Hub and get connected to the heart of the ASIS community. 

+ ASIS Certification
Earning an ASIS board certification is a visible acknowledgment that you possess a mastery of core security principles and skills essential to the best practice of security management. It shows you are committed to excellence, professional growth, and a code of conduct. At the ASIS Hub, you can meet with a member of HQ staff and access downloadable content to get all of the latest information on keeping up with and getting certified through ASIS.

+ ASIS Foundation
The ASIS Foundation makes a difference in the security industry and communities we serve through research, grants, and scholarships for security professionals. The Foundation is supported by generous donations from ASIS members, chapters, and organizations. At the ASIS Hub at GSX+, you can watch on-demand videos to see how these donations make a difference in our community.

+ ASIS Membership
Find out more about ASIS Membership benefits or speak with a representative from ASIS HQ about how to join, or learn how to make the most of your ASIS membership community of 34,000 global security professionals. Members enjoy the perks of networking, collaboration, and meaningful relationships that provide support day-to-day and career-long.

+ ASIS Standards & Guidelines
ASIS International, in its role as a Standards Developing Organization (SDO), develops standards and guidelines to serve the needs of security practitioners in today’s global environment. Learn more about how these standards can help your organization or how you can participate in their development at the ASIS Hub at GSX+.

+ Career HQ
Realize your potential and take charge of your career at Career HQ. Take advantage of free career counseling with your GSX+ registration. Dedicated career counselors will be available to review resumes, talk career trajectory, provide timely updates on how to navigate job searching in this new environment, and more. Plus, five dedicated on-demand sessions are available to help you develop strategies for maximizing career success.

+ Communities – ‘Ask Me Anything’
ASIS Subject Area Communities allow members to connect on their specific security topic of interest. Join to ask questions, share resources, and build professional relationships all while ensuring you’re informed on latest issues and trends surrounding your fields of interest.

+ CSO Center
CSOs are invited to join the private CSO lounge in the ASIS Hub to network with fellow CSOs and deputies. Connect on similar challenges and successes, network, and engage with downloadable content curated especially for CSOs. Plus, meet with a member of the HQ staff to ask questions and get more information on how to engage through the CSO Center year-round.

+ GSX+ Break Room
If you need a short break or a new workout, visit the Break Room at GSX+ for different options to refresh your mind! Play a quick game or take a picture at the photo booth to share on social media. Looking for a way to stay energized throughout GSX+? Enjoy on-demand work out videos to start your day or for a mid-day pick-me-up.

Start each day of GSX+ on the right foot with morning exercise classes:

  • 8:00 am Monday: Boot camp
  • 8:00 am Tuesday: Yoga
  • 8:00 am Wednesday: Zumba
  • 7:00 am Thursday: Peloton ride
  • 8:00 am Friday: Your choice!

+ GSX+ Store
Peruse security publications and certification materials – you’ll find new and best-selling titles as well as classic references on topics in security management, investigations, and physical security. Plus, have ASIS merchandise shipped right to your house.

+ Security Management Magazine
Security Management is the award-winning publication of ASIS International. At the ASIS Hub, you can download the latest issue, join a lounge video chat to further network with like-minded professionals, and interact with the latest Security Management content.