Georgia World Congress Center | Atlanta, GA | #GSX20

2020 GSX Schedule FAQs for Exhibitors

The ASIS International event management team and volunteer leadership has worked diligently over the past four years to modernize and reinvent the premier event in the security industry. More than six decades after the launch of the ASIS Annual Seminar & Exhibits, the industry’s flagship, peerdriven event has transformed both in substance and brand to meet the needs of the modern security practitioner and solution provider/exhibitor partner. Every single change we’ve implemented has been with the intent to improve the experience for our most important stakeholders: our attendees and exhibitors.  

On the heels of these recent modernizationsthe event team and ASIS Volunteer leadership has embraced a commitment to continuous improvement. To that end, we have some exciting changes to the GSX event schedule to share for 2020 GSX in Atlanta.  



Will this new schedule change the cost of my exhibit space?

No. For 2020, ASIS is maintaining the current exhibit booth rate of $52/NSF for a third year.

Will there be fewer show hours or exclusive show hours with the new GSX schedule?

The overall number of exhibit hours will be one hour less (from 18 hours to 17 hours), but by moving the start of the trade show to Monday afternoon, offering the first three hours as exclusive show floor hours and combining this exposition kickoff with our Opening Night Celebration, we expect the traffic density to be spread out more evenly over the course the three days in which the exposition floor is open and strong throughout.

Overall the new GSX event schedule will increase the total number of exclusive trade show hours to 11 hours.

How will the new GSX schedule impact my booth set up and tear down from a time and budget standpoint?

Starting in 2018, ASIS has worked with our general services contractor, Arata Expositions Services to start exhibitor move in a full day earlier in order to avoid weekend overtime cost. That will continue, but in 2020 exhibitors will need to be show ready by Noon on Monday in order to allow time for final show prep.

However, by closing GSX on Wednesday at 3:30 pm, exhibitors will gain a full day of straight time move out. This means exhibitors should not need to incur any overtime move out labor or drayage charges.

Overall and in comparison, Atlanta is going to be considerably lower cost labor market than Chicago. In 2019, straight time labor is approximately 26% lower in Atlanta than Chicago, and overtime rates are 37% lower. Please work with your own display house and Arata Expositions Services for a detailed estimate based on your specific needs.

As a general note, our primary destination cities moving forward (Atlanta, Dallas, and Orlando to name a few) are very labor friendly cities. This is a strong consideration for our event operations team in all future city commitments. We are committed to helping reduce your operational costs so that you can invest those resources into the GSX assets that drive your business development opportunities.

Will this increase traffic to my booth?

ASIS is investing in these changes to increase the return on investment for participating exhibitors. By offering attendees a more efficient GSX experience, we expect greater show floor participation throughout the week.

Specifically, by bringing the Opening Night Celebration to the exposition floor on Monday evening, GSX is providing exhibitor partners with a new and different way to conduct business at GSX. And as the only networking event allowed during these hours, exhibitors will have a captive audience to showcase their products.

With programming scheduled throughout the day Tuesday and Wednesday, various attendee activations, and food and beverages including lunch each day in the exhibit hall, we are confident this new schedule will provide maximum traffic to all exhibitors.

Can I sponsor the Opening Celebration?

The ASIS Events team is currently finalizing several sponsorship opportunities around the Opening Celebration. Please look for the sponsorship prospectus to be delivered in the fall of 2019.

ASIS will also work with exhibitors to provide a customized sponsorship around the Opening Celebration to help you maximize your success and return on investment.

Does this impact the evening traditionally dedicated to exhibitor parties and dinners?

We believe this is another area that will be improved. Tuesday night remains the night dedicated to exhibitor parties and dinners. But now, you can use the Monday evening expo opening to invite additional prospects and customers in advance.

Now, more than ever, we’ve designed a schedule that proactively facilitates attendee and exhibitor engagement. To summarize, this includes:

The transition from a slower Thursday experience to an energized Monday early evening experience that also includes bringing our very popular opening Night Celebration to the exhibit floor. And still allowing for time to transition from there to client dinners.

Happy hour on the show floor on Tuesday leading into an evening dedicated to exhibitor parties and dinners.

A celebration of GSX week as we wrap up the exposition floor offerings on Wednesday afternoon and transition into one of the most anticipated security industry gatherings each year: the GSX President’s Reception.